The First Forum on Population Migration and Sustainable Development was Held in CUFE

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The first Forum on Population Migration and Sustainable Development was held in CUFE from October 13th to October 14th.

 Wang Qian, the director of the Mobile Population Division of National Health and Family Planning Commission of China analyzed the features of the demographic changes in different periods since the found of PRC. He said that migration and floating had become the new feature of the demographic change. 

 On sub-forums, scholars reported on population-migration-related issues, including space structure of population, urbanization, left-behind children, floating population's intentions on purchasing properties and settlements, the trend of domestication, the concentration of urban agglomeration, the standard for division, income poverty, and education concerning economy, social network and human capital.

 The closing ceremony of the conference discussed the share and utilization of the data of migration and floating population and the operationalization of the concept of "migration and mobility".