"2017 China Academy of Finance Lifetime Achievement Award" Ceremony was Held in CUFE And Professor Li Jixiong from CUFE Won the Prize

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 On May 6th, the awarding ceremony for Professor Li Jixiong, the winner of ¡°2017 China Academy of Finance Lifetime Achievement Award¡± was held. Li is a famous economic insurance scientist of Central University of Finance and Economics.

 "China Academy of Finance Lifetime Achievement Award¡± awards 1-3 outstanding scholars each year who have made outstanding contributions to the construction of discipline of finance in China and engaged in teaching and research work of financial discipline over a long period. The bonus for each winner is 1 million yuan, which is the maximum limit of civil academic award in the mainland.

 Professor Li Jixiong is a senior financial insurance expert and insurance educator in China. He established the country¡¯s earliest insurance and international insurance majors at the Central College of Finance, and founded the first Department of Insurance in China. He is an important advocator of international insurance education and an introducer of the advanced western insurance and actuarial curriculum system.