Professor Huang Zhen Attended Boao Forum for Asia and Delivered a Speech Named Internet+ Promotes the Belt and Road

Published£º2017-04-17    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 On March 25th, the 2017 annual conference of Boao Forum for Asia was held in Hainan. Professor Huang Zhen from the School of Law, CUFE was present at the forum as invited. In the course of the conference, he attended the Yinsheng breakfast meeting on "Construction and Innovation of Small and Micro Financial Ecosystem " on March 25th and "Chinese merchant leaders and Chinese think-tank roundtable discussion" on March 26th. On the discussion, Professor Huang Zhen delivered a speech Internet + Promotes the Belt and Road. He pointed out that ¡°Internet +¡± is the second half of the Internet economy£»the Internet is changing the traditional economy and the mode of life£»¡°Internet+¡± can strongly promote the construction of the Belt and Road£»the cross-border e-commerce has great potential in the development of the Belt and Road and the cross-border e-commerce along The Belt and Road will develop healthily with the innovation of system.