¡°Bring in¡± Of High-level Foreign Talents Supported by the Project of Introducing Talents of CUFE

Published£º2017-04-17    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 To implement the opening-up strategy in the new term and fulfill the international strategy and Double First-rate construction strategy of CUFE, International Cooperation Division has established a project system of introducing talents to the university, which is guided by national key projects and founded by school key projects. Institutions and individuals of CUFE are encouraged to invite high-level foreign talents to develop academic exchanges, supporting ¡°bring in¡± of the high-level foreign talents.

 In 2016, CUFE achieved a lot on the project of introducing talents to the university. We supported 6 national key projects and 54 school key projects, which included 97 foreign scholars and experts from Oxford University, Harvard University, Cornell University and University of California, Los Angeles. They had lots of academic exchanges with teachers of CUFE.

 So far, the International Cooperation Division has completed the set-up work of CUFE¡¯s project of introducing talents in 2017. The total number of projects which were chosen to be national key projects or school key projects amounts to 65. The national key projects include the national ¡°111 Introducing Talents Base¡±, ¡°Oversea Famous Teachers¡± project and ¡°School Characteristics¡± project of the Ministry of Education while the school ones consist of ¡°CUFE¡¯s Endowed Professor¡±, ¡°Introduction as Team¡±, ¡°Long-term Foreign Teachers¡¯ Language Teaching¡±, ¡°Short-term Foreign teachers¡¯ Professional Teaching¡±, ¡°Introducing Talents for International Conference¡±, ¡°Inviting Overseas Academic Partners to CUFE for the Cooperation in Scientific Research¡± and other projects. 20 schools, institutes, centers and 40 teachers of CUFE have undertaken these projects.