The First Domestic PPP Cultural Research Center was Established in CUFE

Published£º2017-04-14    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 On March 15th, the founding ceremony of the Cultural PPP Research Center of CUFE was held successfully, which officially announced the launch of the first domestic PPP Cultural Research Center.

 The PPP Cultural Research Center of CUFE plans to become a theoretical highland, decision-making think tank, talent base, project promotion platform and collaborative innovation platform in the field of Chinese PPP culture research through the future three-years¡¯ efforts. The center will constantly provide professional advice and guidance to all local projects, standardize cultural PPP project operation, effectively deal with the risks arising from project execution process, enhance the culture management ability and the project management efficiency of the government and thus widen the investment and financing channels in the cultural field, and finally, to further promote the popularization and development of cultural PPP model.