The Second Session of the 1st Council Meeting of the International Research Institute of Green Finance & the 1st Academic Committee Meeting Held in CUFE

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 On February 28, the second session of the 1st council meeting of the International Research Institute of Green Finance and the 1st academic committee meeting took place at the Meeting Room 604 in the Academic Hall of CUFE. The meeting aimed to make a summary report on the key tasks in 2016 and draw up an overall plan for 2017.

 In the future, the International Institute of Green Finance will continue to take the responsibility to maintain the economic environment and social atmosphere featuring the spirit of green finance, further improve organizational and team construction as well as extend breadth and depth in research centered on key issues covering such fields as green finance, climate finance and energy finance to yield more prolific results. Additionally, it will reinforce the application and transformation of results, provide consultation for the government and offer professional solutions for market institutions. At the same time, it will continuously promote the cooperation and communication with other countries aiming to achieve wider range of dissemination and popularization, promote the quality of personnel training and build a domestic top-ranking and world leading green financial think-tank.