Professor Li Jian was Awarded the 2016 Chinese University MOOC Outstanding Contribution Prize

Published£º2017-03-09    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 The awards of 2016 Chinese University MOOC have been announced recently. Professor Li Jian, the lecturer of CUFE¡¯s Finance course on MOOC, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for her excellent contribution. Faculty from the course team won the Prominent Faculty Award.

 Hosted by Professor Li Jian, the Finance course has been leading in the process of quality engineering construction as well as the reform and innovation of national higher education. It was one of the first batch excellent courses and the high-quality resources sharing courses. It was also one of the first batch online courses of Chinese University MOOC. Finance course of CUFE, which has one of the largest number of registered students, tops the list among similar courses on the platform of the Chinese University MOOC.