The 6th International Forum on New Development of Valuation was Successfully Held in CUFE

Published£º2017-01-03    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 The 6th International Forum on New Development of Assets Valuation was successfully held in the report hall 206 at the academic auditorium on December 3rd. With the topic of ¡°assets valuation, intellectual property and capital market¡±, the forum comprehensively and thoroughly discussed problems such as the new economic situation and government reform measures, the breakthrough of the dilemma of assets valuation industry, the role that assets valuation plays in economic development of capital market and the expansion of new business and field of assets valuation. Aiming at promoting the information sharing between our valuation service trades and the international valuation service trades as well as establishing a high and effective platform for academic exchange and business cooperation, the forum has been held five sessions and is gradually becoming a valuation industry brand having wide international and social influence.

(Translated by Ma Te)