Introduction to the Special Website forthe 70th Anniversary of Central University of Finance and Economics

Published£º2018-10-23    Source£º   Views£º

 In order to foster a great celebration atmosphere for the upcoming 70th anniversary, publish and share information regarding the preparations, and make it convenient for alumni and all others to obtain information and participate in or support the preparations, the university has created a special website for the anniversary celebration, which can be accessed via the ¡°Quick Links¡± menu on the main website of CUFE.

 The special website £¨£©is designed to look simple and fresh, using red as the basic color to represent happiness and liveliness. It has a unique CUFE characteristic by using the anniversary celebration logo as the website logo, with interactive and user-friendly functions, and aiming to highlight CUFE¡¯s history, uniqueness, cultural heritage and development vision.

 The website contains such sections as Anniversary Celebration Announcements, Anniversary Celebration News, CUFE History, Alumni Stories, Blessings and Wishes, Photos and Videos, etc.