Explanation of the Theme of the 70th Anniversary Celebration:¡°Dragon-Horse Marching Fearlessly¡±

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  At the 50th Anniversary of CUFE in 1999, China Reinsurance Group donated a large bronze sculpture named Tun Tu Da Huang, meaning ¡°conquering the wilderness¡±. The sculpture, which was designed by the famous Chinese artist Han Meilin, depicts a fictional dragon-horse carrying a burning taiji ball (symbolizing qiankun, a Chinese term for ¡°universe¡±). The implied meaning of the sculpture is that CUFE carries a huge responsibility and marches forward fearlessly. The sculpture has been increasingly accepted by the CUFE community as representing the spirit of CUFE, and has become the symbol of CUFE and the core component of the CUFE logo.           

 ¡°Marching fearlessly¡±, as symbolized by the sculpture, is the theme of our time, and educators bear a great responsibility to push forward by offering high-quality education. CUFE, whose history coincides with that of the new China and whose development synchronizes with the pace of time, takes great pride in the fact that ¡°marching fearlessly¡± is a true reflection of the spirit and tradition of the CUFE community for generations.      

 Against the backdrop of the new era, ¡°Dragon-Horse Marching Fearlessly¡± is not only a reflection of the history and spirit of CUFE but also that of China¡¯s higher education at large, and is in line with the Chinese Dream. With such a spirit, the CUFE community will be inspired to review history, summarize experiences, and pool wisdom and strength to launch a new journey of internally-improving development and towards a Double First Class University, with a view to realizing the university¡¯s ambitious vision as soon as possible and making greater contribution to the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.