Explanation of the Logo for CUFE¡¯s 70th Anniversary Celebration

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 The logo for CUFE¡¯s 70th anniversary celebration consists mainly of several strokes to make up the Arabic number ¡°70¡±. The strokes are designed to contain elements that resemble a) a dancing dragon and a marching horse, which are figures derived from the university logo ¡°Dragon-Horse Carrying Qiankun¡±, b) clouds that represent good luck in Chinese culture, and c) flying ribbons that represent wonderfulness and happiness. The design is mainly in three colors: red, blue and green, representing passion, innovation and vitality respectively.

 Such a design is a vivid graphical combination of ¡°70¡±, which is the ordinal number of the anniversary, with the vital and wonderful uniqueness of CUFE. The various elements are integrated into the design in an organic manner, supporting and complementing each other. The design conveys the message of CUFE celebrating its splendid 70 years of history, embodies happiness, glory, solemnness and hope, highlights the intended messages of the celebration, indicates CUFE¡¯s historical thickness, unique features and cultural heritage, and reflects the university¡¯s motto of ¡°loyalty, unity, truth and innovation¡±, its spirit of ¡°responsibility and braveness¡±, and its education philosophy of ¡°seeking truth from facts, and pursuing excellence¡±. In sum, the overall design of the logo is intended to be simple, lively, rich in connotation, and easy to make and disseminate.