CUFE Held the Third High Level Visiting Program for Overseas Students

Published£º2018-09-10    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 From mid June to the end of July, overseas high-level university student visiting and learning project was held. More than 30 students from universities such as Northern College of Business, France, University of Birmingham, Britain, University of Rutgers, the United States and Creative University, Japan participated in the project. Ten students from CUFE participated in it as volunteers.

 The theme of this year¡¯s project is ¡°China¡¯s economic and commercial development¡±. Teachers from CUFE have been invited to give more than ten lectures£¬ covering basic modules like China¡¯s macro-economy, China¡¯s taxation, and China¡¯s financial market development, as well as Sino-US trade disputes, Internet finance and China¡¯s real estate market.