The 4th Confucius Institute Summer Camp Held in CUFE

Published£º2018-09-06    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 From June 9 to June 29, CUFE held the 4th Confucius Institute Summer Camp, receiving 16 excellent students from the Confucius Institute at the University of Pernambuco, Brazil. This three-week summer camp included activities such as Chinese language and culture studies, Chinese culture and art experiences, and natural and cultural landscape tours. There were 10 volunteers from CUFE participating in this summer camp.

 During the event, the students learned Chinese and participated in various activities to experience and learn more about Chinese culture. They visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters and historical sites in Beijing and Tianjin. They also experienced traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi), dancing, painting and music, attended a special lecture on Chinese culture, and enjoyed acrobatic and kung fu performance.