CUFE Confucius Institute Set up Chinese Language Teaching Section in Brazil

Published£º2018-04-15    Source£ºNews Center   Views£º

 On the afternoon of April 2nd, the Confucius Institute at the University of Pernambuco in Brazil, which was set by CUFE, organised the signing ceremony of Chinese language teaching site at Damas college in Pernambuco. Participants included Pedro, the President of Pernambuco University, Maria Vieira, the President of Darma College, Jos¨¦ Guido, the director of international office in Pernambuco University, Cl¨¢udio Brandao, the dean of school of law at Damas college, Thales Castro, the director of international relations at Damas college, Mr. Wang Hongliang, President of Confucius Institute in China and Mr. Lin Shuobin, President of the institute in Brazil.

 Darma College is a private university in Pernambuco, Brazil, which is outstanding in its international relations, management, law and other disciplines. It also cultivates lots of management and legal professional applied talents for Pernambuco and even Brazil.