(2016/10/12)Low Carbon Logistics in a Climate-changed World

Published£º2016-10-09    Source£º   Views£º

 Speaker£ºProfessor Alan McKinnon (University of London, UK, Ph.D.)

 Titile£ºLow Carbon Logistics in a Climate-changed World

 Following the Paris COP21 agreement on climate change and in response to recent evidence that the rate of global warming is accelerating, companies and governments are under mounting pressure to achieve deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.  It is acknowledged that logistics is going to be one of the most difficult and expensive sectors to decarbonise. This sector will also be heavily exposed to the disruptive effects of climate change.  Simultaneously decarbonising and climate-proofing logistics activities will be one of the great managerial challenges of the 21st Century. This seminar will discuss the nature of these challenges and how they can be addressed.

 Date£ºWednesday, Oct.12£¬2016

 Time: 1£º30 PM

 Location: Room A02, MBA Center, CUFE