(2016/10/13)Joshua Woodard£ºData Warehousing for Applications in Applied Economics Research

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 Title: Data Warehousing for Applications in Applied Economics Research

 Location£ºRoom 106, The Sixth Building, Shahe Campus

 Date£ºOctober 13, 2016

 Time: 6:30-8:00pm

 Speaker: Prof. Joshua Woodard is the assistant professor and the Zaitz Family Faculty Fellow of Business and Finance, in the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University. His work focuses primarily on policy issues, risk management, banking and insurance with special emphasis on empirical applications, spatial data analysis, weather risk and large scale data analysis. He is the founder of Ag-Analytics.org, a live open data integration and automation platform. He has published articles in a wide variety of journals and serves in a variety of leadership roles within professional associations.

 Abstract: The community and associated agencies as a whole have arguably made only relatively modest advances in terms of taking advantage of available data, tools and paradigms. While policy analysts and managers typically source data from a wide variety agencies, these data are typically not structured or organized in a way that easily enables the policy research nor development of analytical tools, nor is there much focus on the same. Raw data from the agencies are often published at various levels of spatial and temporal resolution that must be processed and transformed by individual researchers, resulting in massive duplication in efforts, inefficient data sourcing and great potential for error. The sheer scope and complexity of the ¡°real world¡± necessitates adaptable and accessible data infrastructures, computational models, and visualization methods to tackle the research questions of the future. Prof. Woodard would like to provide a brief overview of this state of affairs within the community. An overview of a prototype warehouse is also provided, as are thoughts on future directions.