(2016/4/28) Linyue Li: China's New Normal Economy and World Business Cycle Synchronization

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Title:China's New Normal Economy and World Business Cycle Synchronization

Speaker: Linyue Li

Abstract: This paper aims to study the transmission of business cycle synchronization between China's economy and world economy for policy implications, under globalization background and "New Normal", as China is gradually integrating into the world. Starting from macroeconomic data, the study combines the traditional international economic cycle theory, the world economic cycle theory with latest new framework of business cycle model. Considering the characteristics of "New Normal" in China from macroeconomic level to industrial level, the external and internal impact on China's economy and world economy through international trade, international finance or international policy coordination will be one of the concern to do analysis and reveal the importance of the research on the new features of the world economic cycle fluctuations for the coordination of China's economy and the world economic development. Under the circumstance of sustainable growth in China and world economy, the study of international trade and international financial interdependence will be timely and promising. Accordingly, the research analysis will put forward policy recommendations for China's response to the new characteristics of world economic cycle fluctuations, which has important theoretical significance and practical application value. International economic policy cooperation is promoted greatly.


AboutLinyueLi : She is an Assistant Professor in the School ofInternational Trade and Economics at CUFE.She completed her Ph.D. in Economics at Claremont Graduate University. Her research focuses onWorld Economics, International Monetary Finance, and Applied Microeconomics


Date: April,28,2016

Time:15:30-16:45 PM

Location:Room 608, Academic Hall, CUFE