(2015/9/23) Li Han and Xinzheng Shi: Status Inheritance Rules and Intrahousehold Bargaining

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Title: Status Inheritance Rules and Intrahousehold Bargaining
Author: Li Han and Xinzheng Shi£¨Speaker)
Abstract: This paper studies how changes in the status inheritance rules affect intrahousehold bargaining outcomes. This question is analyzed in the context of a reform occurring in China that granted men the same rights as women in passing on residency permits (hukou) to their children regardless of their spouse¡¯ hukou. This reform decreased the relative position of women with privileged urban hukou status in the marriage market. We find that this change decreased the female-favored consumption in the urban-urban marriages that were formed before the reform. This finding shows that the allocation of household resources responds to changes in the relative position in the marriage market.


About Xinzheng Shi: He got phd in 2009 from Michigan and is now an associate professor in the department of economics in school of economics and management at Tsinghua.


Date: Sep,23th,2015

Time:13:30-14:50 PM

Location:Room 608, Academic Hall, CUFE