Student Groups and Activities

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Association of Mathematics
Public Administration Association
Association of Social Studies
Association of International Trade
Academy of Finance
Academy of Law
Academy of Economics
Association of International Relations
Academy of Psychology
"Know About Business" Entrepreneurship Club
Academy of Securities
Academy of Insurance
English Association
Club of Truth
Academy of Public Finance
Observation Club
Association of Psychology
Club of Economics Studies
Book Club
Art Club
Business English Club
English Club
Lecture and Eloquence Association
Literary Criticism Club
Club of Personal Finance
Debating Club
E-Business Association

Personal Development
New Great Wall Self-perfection Club
Alumni Association
Institute of Career Development

Environmental Protection
Noah Club
White Doves
Green Hill Part

Community Support
Practical Information Association
Sparkle Rural Development Association
Red Ribbon AIDS Awareness Promotion
Association of Legal Aid

"I Can Fly" Basketball Club
Roller Skating Club
Table Tennis Club
Starting-line Football Club
Badminton Club
TR Tennis Club
Dawa Cycling Club
Martial Arts Club

Photography Club
Painting and Calligraphy Club
515 Dancing Club
Magic Association
Guitar Club
Cartoon Club
Fan Club of Kung-fu Novels
Super-speed Club of Computer Fans
Club for Girls Only
Chess Club
Korean Culture Club
Vitamin Health Club
Tender Night Dancing Club
Advertising Club
Elite Club
Chinese Cross-talk Club
Computer Games Club
Let's See Movie Club