Degree Application

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 1.      Application Deadline

 ©~ Undergraduate and Master Programs offered in Chinese: May 31 every year

 ©~ Programs offered in English: June 30 every year

 2.      Documents Required for Application

Documents must be prepared either in Chinese or in English.

 ©~ CUFE Application Form

 ©~ A copy of graduation certificate and transcripts

 ©~ Letter of guardianship and a copy of guardian¡¯s passport or ID

 ©~ A copy of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) results (scoring at Elementary Level C or higher for Bachelor programs and Intermediate Level C or higher for graduate programs offered in Chinese)

 ©~ A copy of English Proficiency Test results (TOFEL 550 (or above) or IELTS 6.0 (or above) only for programs offered in English)

 ©~ A copy of passport or other identification

 ©~ Two letters of recommendation from the applicant¡¯s professors if accepted for Master or Doctorate Programs

 ©~ A copy of master thesis or other publications if accepted for Doctorate Programs

 3.         Application Place

 School of International Cultural Exchange, CUFE, Beijing

 Tel: 86-10-62288276/62288286