Academics and Research

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Academic Research Institutions

1.China Institute for Actuarial Science

The Central government of China sponsors to set up this Institute. It is focused on academic research as well as providing doctoral programs in actuarial science.

2. National Innovation Platforms for Preponderant Disciplines in Economics and Public Policy

It is composed of four institutions:
China Economics and Management Academy
China Academy of Public Finance and Public Policy
Chinese Academy of Finance and Development
China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research

The budget is mostly offered by the central government from the National “985” project. Their missions are to conduct innovative research in the above related fields and provide all programs in English as well.

3. Institute for Beijing Finance and Economics
The budget is partly offered by Beijing Municipality Government. Its mission is to provide policy advices for social and economic development in Beijing. It also offers master and doctoral programs.
Other Academic Research Programs
Accountancy and Finance
Banking Studies of China
Capital Operation & Enterprise Strategy
China's Fiscal History
Chinese Enterprise
Chinese Social Security
Coal Economics
College Students' Ideological and Political
Culture & Art
Culture and Creativity
Defense Economics and Management
Deng Xiaoping Theory
Development and Reform
Economic Data
Economic History
Economic Psychology
Economic Reform and Development Studies
Economic Statistics
E-Government and E-Business
Entrepreneurship and Development
Entrepreneur Education in China and Japan
Environmental Economics
Financial and Economic Law
Financial Brand
Fine Art
Foreign Exchange Reserve
Government Budget
Government Procurement and Public
Higher Education
Insurance Market
International Business
(Joint program between CUFE & InterGest)
International Finance Studies
Investment and Project Management
Law and Economics
Media Economics Research
Min Tai Institute of Finance and Banking
Modern Logic
National Assets Evaluation
Public Administration Studies
Public Finance and Taxation
Public Procurement
Publishing Economy and Development Studies
Quantitative Econometrics
Russian and Eastern European Economy
Securities and Futures
Social Economic Development
Sport Economics
Statistics and Market Survey
Taiwan Economy
Tax Law
Taxation and Public Policies
Taxation and Quantitative Studies
Welfare of the People and Economy