Shahe Campus

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Built in 2007, the Shahe suburban campus is located 30 km north of the City campus. The total area of Shahe campus is nearly six times that of the City campus and its natural beauty of nearby areas contributes a quiet and comfortable environment. According to the development plan of CUFE, Shahe campus will become the main campus when it is completed. It will cover more than 9.88 acres, including teaching, research, living and sport areas. It aims to provide a high-standard and modern facility in a beautiful garden environment. Currently, there are more than 7,500 students on Shahe campus, including freshmen, sophomores and juniors. The university buses and suburban trains are available to transfer our teachers and students to the city center.

Central University of Finance and Economics
Shahe Higher Education Park, Changpin District
Beijng, P.R.China, 102206
Tel: 86-10-6177-6677;